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  • Night vision range-500meters, facial recognition at 300 meters;
  • Active near-infrared with superior homogenization technology;
  • 5-fold infrared protection technology;
  • Glare protection and wide angle trajectory;
  • 22 X optical intelligent zoom, 100X digital amplification;
  • one touch snap shot, multi function HD recording;
  • Ext-int voice pick up.

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Utilizing high-performance low-light sensitive SONY CCD;
Long vision range, providing image as if daytime, within a range of
600 meters in completely no-light conditions;
27 X optical synchronous intelligent zoom, up to 37X after increase;
Multi mode HD video recording, water-proof rating IP65, functioning well in wet conditions;
Glare protection and wide angle trajectory, fog penetration;
Active near infrared with superior homogenization technology;
Video output function, AV output port.

Applications´╝ÜPolice (applications include: criminal detection, citizen defense, public order, drug enforcement, SWAT, traffic police, border defense, forest fire prevention), city administration, fire, armed police, Justice department, military, coast defense, fishery administration, railways, emergency rescue, scientific and technological research, media, oil, mining, environmental protection, water supply, etc.